Teen Heath & Wellness

Promotional Materials

You can choose from a variety of promotional tools to help you connect your colleagues and teen users to Teen Health & Wellness: Real Life, Real Answers. Material for download includes bookmarks, access cards, posters, brochures, and testimonials.

Simply click a file below to download it.

               • This tool kit includes new "Stop Bullying" posters and bookmarks, a Bullying Prevention PowerPoint, and a flyer listing and linking bullying and cyberbullying legislation state-by-state.
               • Customizable with your url and school or library name upon request.
               • Are you using the database to address a specific topic or program? Let us know if you need customized text for your bookmarks.

               • Customizable with your url and school or library name upon request.   

  • NEW! Counselor Letter [pdf. 2.8 MB] - highlights content and features that are of specific interest to school counselors. 
               • This one-page flyer shares the basics of getting started with your Teen Health & Wellness subscription as well as tips and tools to maximize use.

               • This presentation is filled with usage ideas and suggestions to integrate Teen Health & Wellness into your library or classroom.

               • Share information about Teen Health & Wellness with your colleagues.
               • Canadian version [pdf, 2.3 MB] also available.

               • Find out what librarians and educators are saying about Teen Health & Wellness.

               • View a full list of all Teen Health & Wellness entries, organized by subject.

               • Use widgets, web banners, and buttons to promote the database on your library Web site or Facebook page.

Featured Promotional Ideas

Use our Featured Promotional Ideas to spread the word about your library’s Teen Health & Wellness subscription. Check out these suggestions for school and public librarians on ways to better promote and use Teen Health & Wellness from students at Kent State University’s School of Library and Information Science:

  • Place shelf talkers with the Teen Health & Wellness logo, URL, and login information on the shelf with the books on depressions, teen pregnancy, drugs, etc. Teens looking for books on these subjects will be reminded to look for information online too.
  • Have the student council or Key Club brainstorm ways to promote the database as a service project. For example, they could create a short video spot that could be included on morning announcements as a tie-in with Red Ribbon Week (the annual campaign to raise awareness about alcohol, tobacco, drug, and violence prevention.).
  • Ask the Teen Advisory Board to write an article for the school newspaper or library newsletter about Teen Health & Wellness. Teens could create videos or podcasts showing how the database can be used. Post the submissions on the media center Web site.

  • Hang posters on restroom doors with bookmarks taped to the bottom of the posters for students to take along as a reminder. Place bookmarks in the health section of the library. Insert bookmarks when students check out books from the library. —Eileen Whited, Fredericksburg High School, Fredericksburg, TX

Got a promotional idea of your own? Share it with us, and the next Featured Promotional Idea may be yours!