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The NEW Teen Health & Wellness: Real Life, Real Answers—the award-winning, critically acclaimed online resource—provides middle school and high school students with nonjudgmental, straightforward, standards-aligned, curricular and self-help support. Topics include diseases, drugs, alcohol, nutrition, mental health, suicide, bullying, green living, financial literacy, digital literacy, and more. Articles are correlated to state, national, and provincial standards, including Common Core English Language Arts.

Teen Health & Wellness is even more robust, more interactive, and simply more "amazing." The database now speaks your language—80 of them—with instant article translation. Text-to-speech allows students to listen to article content and read along as the text is highlighted. Social bookmarking allows users to connect friends and family to balanced, sensitive, and caring information. Video and personalized health calculators add a new level of interactivity. Plus, over 60 new articles on subjects ranging from digital and smartphone etiquette and financial literacy to relationship skills and career success for young men to being a GLBT teen guarantee that, when teens have questions, Teen Health & Wellness has the answer.

Teen Health & Wellness has been updated to reflect changes to the Fifth Edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5).

NOW AVAILABLE: Teen hotlines app for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Android tablet.

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librarians & educators are saying ...

Top 10 Digital Resource, School Library Journal

Best Reference Source, Library Journal

Best New Product, Readers’ Choice Awards, The Charleston Advisor

EDDIE Award, AEP Distinguished Achievement Award, BESSIE (Best Educational Software) Award, and Web Health Award

A simply amazing resource. —American Libraries

"A ground-breaking database. ... A+. ... The front-runner in health information for teenagers and a definite must-have for all high school and public libraries." —School Library Journal

“We were impressed with the quality and variety of the information, the look of the Web site, and the ease of navigation. Our health education experts enthusiastically approved the content.” —Paul Whitsitt, Director of Reading & Language Arts, Chicago Public Schools

"We use it for our health classes, sociology and psychology classes—and the students use it for themselves. The school nurse, counselors, psychologist, and other staff appreciate it, too, and often recommend it to parents as well as students." —Sara Kelly Johns, New York Library Association, NY

"Wow, this is what I call a reference experience! ... The attention to detail in citing, writing, reviewing, and updating make the information very authoritative." —Sue Polanka, Head of Reference, Wright State University; Chair, Editorial Board, Reference Books Bulletin

"Rosen Publishing has definitely set the standard for interactive databases that provide up-to-date information for kids on topics that demand answers. In summary: It's the best thing out there since sliced bread!"—Shonda Brisco, Assistant Professor/Curriculum Materials Librarian, Oklahoma State University

what's new

  • TEEN HEALTH & WELLNESS is IOS, Android, and Chromebook compatible
  • MOBILE APP for 24/7 access to teen hotlines, helplines, and Web sites on your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Android tablet
  • TEXT-TO-SPEECH to help students read and understand content
  • INSTANT TRANSLATION into 80 languages, including Spanish, French, Chinese, Russian, Arabic, Haitian Creole
  • OPTIMIZED FOR MOBILE DEVICES to connect anytime, anywhere
  • SOCIAL BOOKMARKING allows users to share article links with friends and family
  • VIDEOS throughout, including student-created PSAs, add a new level of interactivity
  • CUSTOMIZABLE HOTLINES for local community resources
  • EXPANDED PHOTOS, illustrations, and charts
  • HEALTH CALCULATORS⎯Body Mass Index (BMI), budget, blood alcohol content, and more⎯for personalized tips